What alts do you see surviving the bear market?


Unless your Patrick from SpongeBobs roommate, you’ve noticed that the crypto is getting absolutely nuked right now. I know everyone is saying “Just invest in BTC/ETH.” I get it. Those are safer and have less volatility.

Truthfully, I’m not looking for safety. I’ll go to the stock market for that. I’m also not looking for low caps either. What alts in the top 100 do you see surviving the bear market? Alts are where the true money will be made going forward. Do I think you can make good money in BTC and ETH still? Absolutely, but unless you have a ton invested your returns might not be life changing. I suppose it really depends on your goals.

I think more projects will survive than people think, especially projects with mid sized market caps, good teams, strong fundamentals, solid tech and real world utility.

What alts are you confident in?

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