Whales control the market and will manipulate it at their whim


That’s it, Whales control the market and there’s nothing much you can do about it other than to play long term

Today the sentiment here was of death… in a few a minutes a lot of buying orders and BTC pumped 2k up and alts followed. Do you think this is organic?

Of course not! Whales are playing with the market and will continue to do so and take money off from retail, specially when you buy at the top and panic sell

Other way to lose larges amount of money to whales is leveraging. A lot of shorts got blasted in the last 2 hours

Just check Whale Alert twitter, there are millions and billions of dollar moving from just a few wallets.

Even if everyone in this sub chipped in with 10 USD$, it wouldn’t even come close to whales’ power. See this transactions just a few hours ago: ” 129,921,132 USDT (129,921,132 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to BINANCE “. That’s over 30 USD for each one here! And that’s just one Whale

TLDR: That’s it boys and girls, you’re a mere shrimp or algae in this crypto ocean, and the only real tool you have at your disposal is playing long term and not panic buy/sell, all the rest is playing with your luck and chances are you are going to get crushed by the whales

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