Whales are trying to liquidate leverage people right now


We all know the risk of leveraging, and today is a day that most alts and even BTC are going to see major players trying to hold the market down and push it in order to provide liquidations. Some of these may even be from the exchanges itself, or investment firms trying to predate individual investors before taxation changes and ways to regulate then are placed.

Dont try to fight against it, scale your leverage down, don’t leverage today, and if not leveraging just hold. After that we may expect a short squeeze, same motivation, big players are even taking hits in order to assure huge gains for themselves or for the exchanges. It’s NOT a day to be bold, it’s a day to relax, reduce risk and be calm.

BEWARE WITH THE ORDERBOOK it lies, whales are putting huge orders to bait small fish and then removing it to sell.

EditLol nice to see a lot of you hate leverage, but the post means something else: This is an opportunity to buy crypto in a low price, especially if you believe we are in a bull market. 😉

This is probably a good day to put in some of the money you saved to DCA, but not all of it, keep calm, keep carefull. In the long run whales can’t do this kind of manipulation and the market tend to become stable again.

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