We’re in a bull market. Oh wait, bear market. Nevermind, bull market.


This sentiment here has been so volatile that a day literally feels like this

08:00 AM – Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that due to the US Inflation number’s, we’re officially in the bull market.
09:00 AM – Oh wait, Evergrande defaulted. Crypto and Stocks are skydiving. Clearly the start of a 3 year bear market.

10:00 AM – Nevermind! It’s all good now! BTC broke the *insert random parameter which no one actually knows which here, because let’s face it, no one knows sh-t about f-ck* resistance and now it’s on a clear run for 969.420k. Welcome bull market and may the alts season begin:

11:00 AM – Uh-oh. Did you hear the news? Apparently an exchange we haven’t even heard before is now hacked! Bad news for crypto. Crypto winter imminent.

12:00 PM – Time to invest in crypto – by buying lunch with my CRO card. Bullish on CRO.

1:00 PM – Oh my god can China and India please not ban crypto and drop the market literally every other week? Here comes the bear market again

2:00 PM – Okay, I’ll just buy the dip right? If we zoom out the charts, we’re in a bull run and the market will bounce back. This is the easiest money I’ve ever made

3:00 PM – Why is the dip dipping more


5:00 PM – Yeah I was stupid enough to buy that “dip”, but at least I wasn’t stupid enough to predict 98k BTC in November 2021 lol

6:00 PM – Time to do my weekly research and buy some more tokens… Ofc this research won’t even matter since I’ll end up losing money anyways, everything has just been red all week. But at least I can pretend I know what I’m doing.

7:00 PM – Ramen’s for dinners, boys! …and the other four girls in this subreddit.

8:00 PM – I didn’t even knew Evergrande could default twice in a day, but apparently so. And the charts are down AGAIN.

9:00 PM – Look, grandpa BTC did a lil pump since El Salvador bought the dip and now everyone is having a great time. I mean, there has to be a reason why the country is literally called “the saviour” and I’m pretty sure it that they are always saving our crypto. Everything is green right now and damn, I wish I had bought more this afternoon. Bull mode on

10:00 PM – I really need to go to sleep but I’ll check the charts and Reddit one more time

11:00 PM – Another time

12:00 AM – And another time

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