Welcome to the actual bear market


Hello friends, this is what bear markets feel like. Everytime the market rebounds people say “the bottom is in because X” or some variation of TA before those recovery gains are wiped out in a week or so. Lower lows and lower highs continue to get hit. Shill posts have dried up exponentially and are rare where most coin recommendations are just BTC/ETH. Traffic/posting on this sub has decreased significantly compared to last fall/winter as well. I personally feel like there’s still a fair amount of optimism that will dwindle as we continue our downtrend for the foreseeable future as recession comes to fruition for many.

This isn’t all bad, I’ve noticed more constructive conversation along with healthy skepticism lately without fear mongering or ridiculous moonboi talk. Now Is the time to continue to grow your bags of your chosen projects and enjoy the growing moon:karma ratios. For everyone lamenting lack of a good buy point months ago, this is probably a decent time for some lowering of your buy price. Take this time to keep learning about new projects and stay up to date on your chosen ones, now is when the next cycle winners can emerge and you can get the next AVAX/MATIC/etc before they go parabolic.

Best of luck and hopefully we don’t go full goblin town,


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