Welcome to all dog people and other CC newbies


Seems like a huge influx of newcomers on the sub. Something like ~150k new users since the beginning of October. I am noticing a lot of fresh faces in the Daily, all starry-eyed and shit.

Let me extend a gracious welcome to y’all and I hope you enjoy your stay!

There are a couple of cool things about this sub you should know about:

This sub has its own Reddit Community Points token called Moons open your VAULT on Reddit mobile to join in on the fun Moons can be used to tip each other for good content, or vote in governance polls. You can buy a membership to the sub here for access to cool GIFs and emotes by navigating to the Membership tab on mobile or web. Registering via Web allows PayPal which might be preferable to paying with Moons. We talk about Meta stuff over at r/CryptoCurrencyMeta and draft governance preproposals Monthly skeptics discussion threads can be found here Check out the Cointest contest to see the most highly voted Pros and Cons of various cryptocurrencies as submitted by CC’s very own users, and participate yourself. If it says Platinum under your username, you can create a custom flair. More details on the Flair System here


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