Weekly News Summaries – October 24, 2021 (GMT+0)



Welcome to the Weekly News Summaries megathread. Why does this thread exist? Daily news summaries are not allowed anymore since they were viewed as excessive. In response, the mod team created the Weekly News Summaries megathread for consolidating all periodic news summaries. The goal is to level the playing field between contributors while also creating a convenient all-in-one format for readers to enjoy.


All r/CC rules apply. Only approved contributors are allowed to make top-level comments, ie summaries. Summaries will be sorted by contest mode. This thread will be pinned once a week if an open slot is available.

Contributors can submit summaries on news articles, coin prices, sentiment, or any crypto related subject. Contributors will post content at their earliest convenience so it might be advantageous if you use the RES extension to subscribe to this thread and find out when content is posted.


u/itachiwriting u/samuel19xd u/RaphizFR


If you have a new type of summary and want to become an approved contributor, submit an application in r/CryptoRecruiting. In your application, ignore most of the questions pertaining to mod recruiting. Simply state what your background is, how much account age and karma you have, and what your news summary will be about. Providing a small preview for your summary will be helpful. Applicants may be given a trial opportunity in the next weekly thread for evaluation purposes. If your application is not approved, you can do your own weekly news summaries as a separate post.

Be advised, this thread is experimental and a work in progress. Expect future changes.

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