We started last year with a BTC price of $ 6,965.72 and closed it with a BTC price of $ 28,890. We started this year with $ 28,984 and at the end of the year we stand at $46-$47k.


As the end of the year approaches, I thought it was a good thing to compare the past with the end of this one and see that we are still on a very good path.

This year Bitcoin took less then a month to overpaass record price from 2020 price, surpassing $40,000 by Jan. 7, 2021.

This year, in summer we went, hitting $29,795.55 in July 19, at its lowest.

In 2021, we reached a new ATH of $69,000, after a fall in the summer that brought us back almost to the price from the beginning of the year.

If you think that we are not doing to good, I would say that our ambitions grew higher and we want new ATH.

When we break one record, we are all eager to break the next one.

But we just need to look back at the previous year and conclude that we are doing very well with the future of cryptocurrencies and its adoption.

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