We spent days building a scraper for cryptocurrency mentions across Reddit in order to find trending coins. Then we put it on a website so everyone can have access!


A little bit ago, a friend and I realized that a lot of what happens in crypto is driven by how people feel about a coin. The best way to get coin sentiment is monitoring Reddit – which is what many of us do here daily anyway. We figured if there was a way to aggregate that data and see how coins are trending (in terms of percent increase in mentions), we could try and find breakout coin growth.

So we scraped the data and started using it to trade. The results were great – we realized that even more useful than the actual mention count, was reading the actual comments mentioning the coin. People have great DD / analysis in comments so taking a look into specific mentions can guide your decision on a coin. It is also super real time information as we sorted by most recent mention.

Then we decided to make this data public so everyone can have access in the form of a website – https://memebergterminal.com/crypto (example coin page: https://www.memebergterminal.com/crypto/stock/Loopring/LRC)

You can do two things with the site –

See trending coin mentions split by each subreddit. r/cryptocurrency is still the biggest and most useful. You can sort by percent mentions instead of new Ctrl + F for a coin to see the specific mentions about a coin. If you are on the edge of buying a coin, being able to easily search for the ticker and see what people are saying about it in real time can help you make a decision.

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