We Should Push Facebook and Amazon Towards Crypto Adoption and not Creation


Clearly, we are here because we believe in this technology to life people, bring more liberty, and redistribute wealth and power.

If centralized coins from companies are starting to pop left and right they will be worse than fiat. I’m scared of Amazon and Facebook gaining one of the powers of a state => Minting money. After that we’ll have companies with their own armies and police ?

I’d say this is a slippery slope. I don’t believe Bezos would do good for the people nor zucc nor musk. I know we thrash talk government as a front for private interests but private interests taking the place directly would not be in most people’s interest.

Multinational companies have already far too much geopolitical power and I wish there was a serious push to stop these two companies from minting their own money.

I prefer to live in the US or France than in Amazon land even if Bezos own parts of the government right now, there is more limit to his power when they need to pretend we have power.

Yes to crypto adoption for big companies. No to crypto creation.

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