We put down this sub way too much, when there is a lot of positivity for what this sub is and a lot of supportive people are here helping others


I think we have enough self deprecating humor to go around but I don’t think we focus on the positive at as much.

I’m not going to link the post because I don’t want to bring negativity to any one person but a post about inversing this sub got me pumped to post about positives I see.

Here Goes:

I’ve been helped by those on here and I’ve seen others helped as well. For example, I changed phones and lost my moons as a result and u/nanooverbtc took the time to help me recover them, with no expectation of anything in return.

There are plenty of people who will wish you well if you are having trouble in crypto or life. I posted a comment about trying to stay positive amidst some life challenges and there were many that wished me well. Would link it but don’t feel like scrolling through all of my comments to find it.

This sub is a bastion of knowledge and information, if you ask and seek it. There are posts helping with taxes u/Kevin3683 and u/supershwa and u/CryptoTaxLawyer among others. Posts about NFTs and how to do your own research from u/_ArtosisCurse_ and u/MrBluoe and so many more

We generally have pretty good discussions about the merits of crypto tech and philosophy and ways to get rich or lose it all

We have a lot of people posting about their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones

We of course have the moon faucet from u/UnstoppableOnslaught

And did I mention we have moons?

And I’m sure there is plenty that I missed but it’s important to acknowledge the positive things, not just some of our misgivings.

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