We have officially passed the bottom. Get ready for the next bull run.



This is an official announcement based on my feelings. I am so happy with these massive 24h gains. 2022 is forgiven and forgotten. Next stop 500k usd bitcoin. I’ve already notified my online russian fiance and she has promised to wait for me. Won’t be long.

This is the time to reverse mortgage your house. I already did in 2021 but now I’ve talked my parents into reverse mortgaging theirs and lending me the money at 50% interest so I can invest in crypto. Everybody wins. I am a hero.

Besides my feelings, it is rationally certain that this is the beginning of the next bull run. First of all, someone on reddit told me so. Secondly, inflation only moves in a straight line, so since it has come down a little it will not go back up. Also record levels of global debt have not caused catastrophic market failures so they won’t in the future. If China invades Taiwan that will accelerate the bull run because people always buy bitcoin to guard against risk.

Now we can relax because every single one of us will be millionaires in 2023. It’s absolutely certain.

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