We gotta be nicer to beginners who are bit shaken up by these dips.


The overall discourse in this sub is a bit schizophrenic and confusing at times. We all got into the market und this sub to learn about crypto, get advice here and there, make profits, discuss, shill some coins and just have a good laugh.

For Newbies to get into the market when every coin is in the green is easy enough, but it’s very scary to see the overall value of your investment plummet a few percent in a matter of minutes/hours, heck I remember my first time while the FUD got the better of me.

Point Is: We need to be nicer to New Crypto Enthusiasts overall. It doesn’t help anyone to scold them on their investment, telling them if you need your money back so soon, you shouldn’t have invested at all. The entire idea behind decentralized finance is, that we are in this together and Newcomers will help grow the market if we don’t scare them away.

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