We got used to bear markets that we get enthusiastic about mini-bulls.


Crypto-enthusiast here who’s been in the bear market since May.

After yesterday’s almost-crash i lost some positions that i bought in May and was HODLing ever since.

But now when the market is going up or it’s a green day we get happy to see that color although we are still too deep !

Stop telling me about last year how was ETH 300$ and BTC 10k$. I got in like many others in May and we haven’t seen green ever since!

Golden Cross, Death Cross and people with thousands of upvotes due to their Sophisticated analysis are just a Fugazi.

Nobody knows and least of all those “experts” if the markets are going up or down or even fucking sideways.

Every day/week/month we hear FUD news like (China prohibiting BTC mining / Turkey anti-Crypto Speech / SEC moves on different platforms ..) or even FOMO news (ADA sMaRT CoNTracTs, eL SaLVaDOR BTC love ..) And we have been sinking on both types of news.

I’m not being pessimistic but just stating the facts as we are experiencing them and the amount of mental pressure it applies to us.

And stop saying DCA! I already did use all my Crypto-allocated funds so I’m watching my DCAed assets being blood red. I’m not rich, average income individual here, those who keep DCAing i guess have infinity finance.

My problem is that i suffer from Chronic Diamond Hands HODLitits, which means that the patient can never sell in red. The case is supposed to be monitored closely and mainly treated with Conservative Therapie using Hopium tablets.

However my Hopium dealer broke up with me, so I had to post this here .

Fun Fact: I made through day trading alot more than I did in my long Holdings, my long positions haven’t broken even ..

Edit1: Thanks for the support everyone it feels good to have a good community in such a hard time..

Edit2: market is up huh

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