We built a useful product on blockchain. Now tell us it sucks


Hi Redditors,

We’ve seen a lot of posts on this subreddit about how so many cryptocurrencies and platforms are completely useless. Well, we worked really hard to build something useful. Now tell us it sucks. Jk, tell us to make it better.

We’re the core team from DXMD, a combination of redditors, doctors, and developers, and we’ve spent the past 6 months working hard to build a HIPAA-compliant web 3.0 virtual care platform on the blockchain. We now have a live functional Beta and we’re here for your feedback and critique in order to make the platform better.


First and Foremost: There is no $DXMD token yet. There are no $DXMD NFTs. We’re not shilling or promoting anything for sale. We’re just here for feedback to make our products better.

DXMD Website: https://www.DXMD.org

DXMD Virtual Care Beta: https://www.DXMD.co/

YouTube Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZX1m87jIVM&feature=emb_logo

Lite paper: https://www.beautiful.ai/player/-N3eFJYp2qvmZo8p2sgj

Reddit Community: /r/DXMD

Problem we’re addressing: There is a serious supply/demand problem in healthcare with a shortage of physicians and providers. These shortages are the worst in developing regions where patients are unable to see physicians. For example, there are 26 doctors per 10,000 patients in America but only 4 per 10,000 in Nigeria and 1 to 2 per 10,000 in India. Telehealth and Virtual Care can help close this gap but the centralized Telehealth operators are focused on American and Western European markets and making the most revenue.

Solution: DXMD, A Decentralized Virtual Care, EHR, and Healthcare Payment Platform. At DXMD, our goal is to increase access to care by decentralizing virtual care and connecting doctors directly to patients. Traditional Telehealth companies hire physicians on an employed model and charge physicians 60-80% in fees. Instead, we are offering our Virtual Care software for free and any provider worldwide can sign up and start seeing patients immediately.

We charge a usage fee of 10% and this usage fee will be controlled by the community-driven DAO platform as our goal is to be a decentralized Telehealth platform. Unlike traditional Telehealth corporations which charge a fixed rate such as $99 per visit, our platform is flexible for doctors. So a doctor in NYC can charge $200 and pay $20 in fees while a doctor in India can charge $0.20 and only pay 2 cents in fees.

Current Beta Functionalities:

Offering the same functionality and security as traditional virtual care platforms but built & operating on Solana (insert sweating bullets meme given recent crashes 😅) Secure provider and patient portals Secure HIPAA-compliant patient databases Creating appointments on-chain with Solana Booking appointments on-chain with Solana Secure video conferencing between correct patients and providers based on on-chain and off-chain data Successful transactions and fees via settled on the blockchain via smart contracts through the Phantom wallet

Next Steps:

Onboarding patients and providers for live visits Partnerships with practices, hospitals, and insurance companies DXMD Token Generation More advanced smart contracts that settle transactions between governments, insurance companies, hospitals, providers, and patients immediately; bringing much-needed efficiency to the healthcare settlement process More complex payment methodology in order to make payments HIPAA-compliant on the platform without being a privacy coin (Demo coming soon) DXMD NFT functionality which will act as a membership with discounts on fees, superior visibility on the platform, and a charity arm to cover visits for free

DXMD Proposed Tokenomics:

THERE IS NO $DXMD Token yet. These are the proposed tokenomics and open to discussion.

Will serve as utility token for healthcare transactions Will be functional from day 1 Will have a fixed supply Will be deflationary as fees from the platform will be used to burn $DXMD Will provide a 25% discount on fees Will grow in value as the platform usage grows Will be used for DAO governance and voting Will be used for staking rewards Will be used to incentivize patients, providers, and developers in order to speed up growth of the platform

Summary: We really appreciate you taking the time to read this post and welcome any feedback negative or positive that you may have. We have done 0 marketing up to this point, 0 token generation, and 0 nft generation; all of our focus has really been on building the product and advancing healthcare infrastructure on the blockchain. We are excited to keep developing and know that all the work we’re doing will be worth it if we can save one life.

Thank You Again,

DXMD Core Team

Edit 1: Thank you for the response. There seems to be a lot of interest in using blockchain technology in healthcare. Here are two great research papers that discuss the disruptive potentials of blockchain technology in healthcare.

Research paper from US Department of Health and Human Services: https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/blockchain-for-healthcare-tlpwhite.pdf

Research Paper from US Department of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology: https://www.healthit.gov/sites/default/files/15-54-kyip_blockchainapms_080816.pdf

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