We are stuck in a bear market until you guys start having babies.


It’s investing 101. When everyone is having babies, the market is in a bull run and the opposite is true. Look at the markets, they’re all not doing too hot and neither is the political and socioeconomic enviroment of the world or something smart. Then look at your social media, people have switched to a different type of pump and dumps.

But if you look at the times after big wars, there’s always lots of babies and some good bull markets for their time. So go get your hair did, wear some smelly goods, and put on your best crocs. Go out and manipulate the market. Don’t call her baby, call her SEC and spank her to show her who’s in charge (or him, whatever your type is). Hodl some boobies.

I’m rooting for you. We’ll be Gucci soon enough.

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