Wait till you hear that banks help launder $2 trillion per year if you think bitcoin is solely used by criminals.


Yes, you read that right! The usage of Bitcoin by criminals anywhere in the world, is still some of the most persistent pieces of misinformation in the crypto space and beyond right now. This has to stop, because it makes no sense to make this argument. It’s something I still hear from nocoiners every single day when they talk about Bitcoin or blockchain or crypto, and it’s frequently given as a good reason not to invest in the tech because otherwise you have blood on your hands, or you are at least guilty of supporting something criminal. Why do people still make this argument? I can’t get my head around it. Do I have to convince them that what they say is just wrong, or just leave them be?

That case against bitcoin was never going to hold water anyways. Criminals use whatever currency on a daily basis, for example, and cash is used worldwide in the criminal network. I truly hope that this argument does not work against the trend of crypto adoption in real life.

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