Vitalik just sold another batch of dog tokens, making more than $1,000,000


We know that we have these meme tokens, most of them with dog names, and a lot of them send funds to Vitalik to promote themselves as look the famous Vitalik Buterin holds millions of our tokens!!! Well, we have seen that he used those SHIBA tokens and donated them for India (i think it was for helping with COVID?)

Just minutes ago he started selling bunch of other meme tokens, doing more than $1,000,000 !!

i dont know if he will continue selling others or what, but have fun looking at those numbers!! Imagine receiving those tokens and the day of tomorrow you can sell them for more than 1 million haha

Im not sure if the new tokens still do that, sending VB part of their tokens, as for now we know that he will keep selling them and probably send them to another charity event or something (he still didnt said anything in twitter).

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