Very soon I will be able to pay my parent’s house mortgage with my portfolio.


I was not born in a rich family, my parents had to struggle to make ends meet.
Nevertheless I was never hungry and always had clean clothes to wear. They sent me to school, than they paid for my university expenses and I am debt free, however they aren’t.
I am a young man in his late twenties and I’ve been in crypto for 3 years.
I’ve calculated, that when ETH hits $4723 I will have just enough to pay out their mortgage completely, making them debt free.

I am recently engaged and I could use the money to buy myself and my fiancee something nice but this is the only way I could think of to repay my parents for all they’ve done for me.
After doing so, my portfolio would be worth exactly $0 and im fine with it.
Over the past 3 years I’ve learned so much that I am sure I will be able to save up some money over the next year to invest in the bear market. I could wait a bit more for ETH to be worth more than $5k or so and get a better start next cycle, but I am not taking any more chances here, even if I miss out on some more potential gains.

My parents don’t really know about my crypto investments.
I tried to explain it to them when I started but it didn’t go well. Them being mostly on the struggling side of things financially they were not okay with any form of ”gambling” (as they saw it back than), so now, paying out their debt with money from this bitcoin scheme would be a hell of on emotional shock.
Wish me luck!

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