V.Buterin, “ZK-Rrollups are going to win long-term in all use cases”. Here are some zkRollup projects to look forward to…


zk rollups give tons of scalability by taking and compressing data and computations off-chain.

Here are some projects:

Loopring ($LRC)

Loopring is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling protocol that allows the building of high-throughput, low-cost, non-custodial AMMs and payment applications on Ethereum by leveraging ZK proofs.

It is highly secure, providing 100% Ethereum-level security. Users in the Loopring ecosystem have full control of their assets ensured by ZK-Rollups.

Loopring powers payments by batch-processing off-chain requests via ZK-Rollups. Most operations, such as trade and transfer settlements, etc., off the Ethereum blockchain, reduce gas consumption and overall transaction costs. Loopring can settle up to 2025 trades per second.

ZKSwap ($ZKS)

… is a layer2 DEX based on the ZK-Rollup technology and using the AMM model. ZKSwap provides zero-gas fee swapping and instantaneous confirmation, solving the scaling issues, with peak TVL over $1 billion. Unlike other layer2 solutions, the withdrawal from ZKSwap to layer1 is also very quick, taking approximately 40 minutes.

Currently live on Ethereum, ZKSwap will soon be implemented on BSC, HECO and OKEX Chain, #layer2_for_all. ZKSwap V2 is launching soon in June, enabling unlimited listing! After V2, we will launch #layer2_for_all and soon NFT swapping on layer2.


ZK-STARK is a cryptographic proof technology that allows users to share data and perform computation with third-party without revealing data.

It improves scalability by allowing developers to move computation and storage off-chain.

ZK-STARKs are scalable in computational speed but are vulnerable to attacks from quantum computers due to cryptography.

It satisfies asymptotically optimal efficiency.

DeversiFi has integrated ZK-STARK that allows 9000+ trades per second.


zkSync solves Ethereum scalability by ensuring 100% security.

zkSync supports meta-transactions, instant confirmation with affordable finality, and less expensive privacy.

zkSync is unconditionally permissionless and growing down the path of progressive decentralization.

It takes 10 minutes for finality and has the lowest real tx costs-0.5k gas per tx.

Users can sign the transaction with their usual Ethereum wallet by signing an EIP712 message.


Aztec provides ZK-SNARK service to the mainnet enabling the scaling and shielding of transactions.

Aztec is the ultimate security shield from the internet of money, ensuring user’s data protection on Web 3.0. The sender and recipient identities are hidden. They are also ensuring balance and code privacy. Private transactions are computed in seconds. Each Rollup aggregates 112 transactions, making users pay a much lower gas fee by splitting the cost of a single proof. Aztec can scale on-demand up 300 transactions per second.

Hermez Network ($HEZ)

Hermez is an open-source ZK-Rollup solution that enables secure, economical, and usable token transfers on the wings of Ethereum.

It offers computational integrity for secure transactions.

Using ZK-Rollups, Hermez offers 90% transfer cost reductions, allowing more accessible financial services for mainstream adoption.

It guarantees computational integrity and on-chain data availability.

Anyone can bid in a decentralized auction to create the next batch on Hermez, and each successful transaction is rewarded with collected transaction fees.

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