US Inflation prints at 8.6%, the highest since 1981 and over expactations again. We can expect this bloodbath to continue for quite a while now. Be prepared.


With the recent report, the US Inflation has officially evaluated further to 8.6%. That’s very much over the 8.3% estimate and actually an increase from the Inflation in April that showed first signs of slowing down after the first FED rates hike that had already the markets in complete shambles.

With the fastest increase in Inflation since 1981 we can now expect the FED to aggressively continue their strategy and go even further, not stop at 2-3% rates but maybe 4-5% rates. This news right now was also hinted as some FED members had already been talking about ever-increasing inflation.

Now obviously the Crypto markets will dumb strongly, don’t even have to look at the charts for that as stock markets will too fall strongly. The US is officially in a high inflation territory, where the FED hikes are not helping, during an unofficial but sure recession. Maybe they will switch to an other strategy and choose stocks over the undefeated inflation but we should all be prepared for the worst here.

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