Uphold – not a good crypto company


I bought Luna at 12 cents, it went down to 6 cents and they locked it for buying and selling. Then it went up to 14 cents and they unlocked it. I bought a couple dollars of it. Then it went back down to 8 cents and they locked it again.

They also charged and 80-85% spread fee that I didnt see when it was at like 60 cents, which i didnt see while at work and wasted 50 dollars. Then another high percentage fee to sell

Anyways… they have set it up for buy high, sell low.

Its currently locked so I cant even sell what I have and its been going down.

Luckily, I was only putting in money I could lose. But it sucks to lose it to a company not making it fair for their customers and not my dumb mistake.

And if we are in a possible crypto crash continuance, not a good company to be in. They will lock for volatility and make it so you cant sell and your money goes down. Ive watched 40 dollars go to 23.

Its not a huge deal for me, but if you got a lot of money into crypto, avoid uphold.

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