Update in the SEC vs ripple labs case. The SEC is refusing to hand over documents in regards to their internal trading policies. Even after being ordered by the judge….twice.


What you are seeing here is elite corruption at its highest level. The SEC is refusing to hand over internal trading policies in regards to staff and their holdings of securities.

Basically the SEC allowed staff to own Xrp up until 2018/2019. They emailed 3rd party investors (you and me) in late 2020 and stated they had not made a determination on Xrp’s security status.

Yet they are suing ripple, Brad and Chris for breaking securities laws from……2013. There is a hearing coming up in regards to these documents…..again.

The SEC is nothing but a gangster organisation who litigate for fines which is their source of revenue. The Ripple lawsuit has given the public a look behind closed doors to see how utterly corrupt they are.

Like Elon said on 60 mins

“I have no respect for the SEC”

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