Update: Bank illegaly freezes all my Money because I traded Crypto


(Original story from u/kundeistkonig on r/finanzen (German finance subreddit), translated/edited into English by me)

TLDR of what happened before:

Bank froze all money on the bank account because I traded crypto and moved money, reported me to law enforcement which also could not see anything done wrong. Bank was required by law to unfreeze the money, but refused to.

Last week my bank called me around 9AM and told me that the account could be unfrozen. They then started apologizing for the inconvenience, but I didn’t listen to that anymore.

I directly transferred the entire balance to my other account, cancelled the bank account myself online with immediate effect, so that I would not be considered a customer there for another day. They blocked all my money for one and a half weeks, no excuse for that.

I am amazed how my trust in banks has gone to zero in a matter of not even two weeks. Especially when it comes to just having larger amounts of money lying there.

I will now probably leave the bulk of my uninvested assets in the Crypto/DeFi space and collect interest. At least there’s still something to earn there.

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