Unpopular opinion: this sub needs a reality check


Over the last few months I’ve become increasingly worried that this sub is moving away from being a place for thoughtful and more objective discussion about crypto and moving towards a fanciful and cult-like place.

Over and over again I see this sentiment that those who hold crypto are going to become financially free! And crypto is going to completely change the world! And that massive financial institutions are afraid of crypto because they know that their days are numbered because of it!

Today I think I reached my breaking point when one of the top comments in a thread literally said crypto could be some people’s reason to live. Reason to live! It blows my mind that people in this sub could read that and upvote it.

I’m invested in crypto and I believe it will be of some significance in our future economy and society. I think we’re going a little crazy if we think it’s providing anyone with a reason to live. And if it is giving you a reason to live, you should probably seek help.

Maybe I’m alone with this opinion.

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