Unpopular Opinion: Tell everyone that you’re investing in crypto. We need more people in this space.


Surprisingly an unpopular opinion.

Does people around you know what you’re doing for a living? Yes. Can they find out how much you’re making per month? Yes, approximately. Did they know that you’re living in your mama hotel for free? Yes.

Stop telling others to not mention crypto in front of the others, to their family, to their friends. Every hand counts in this space. Feel free to share your opinions and experiences with your friends, heck even with the people on the Reddit. You want cryptocurrency to be fully adopted and approved by the people worldwide? Then more people need to know about it. Stop being gatekeeper.

The only thing that shouldn’t be discussed, are the total amounts of crypto invested, etc. leave the sensitive information only for you and for your closed ones.

I wonder how did you managed to hear about crypto 1st time, because if nobody mentioned it to you, I don’t think that one day you’ve woken up with the idea of researching blockchain technology.

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