Unpopular Opinion: Moons are shit and not worth shitposting.


I’ve been in this community for a hot minute but recently (4-5 months) it’s just been boring. Original, quality posts are few and far between (Coming from a total lurker btw) which makes the member experience meh.

Shitposts are great and I miss the meme days but the ratio is too damn high compared to insightful posts. As crypto adoption increases, of course moons would become an obsession for some and it makes sense that they exist in a crypto sub, but I think they’ve devalued the sub.

Im not saying they shouldn’t exist or that they won’t provide good for many people. But as far as the quality of this community, and to attempt at providing an actual unpopular opinion, I think they’ve really hurt cc.

End of Rant and opinion. Please obliterate me.

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