Unpopular opinion : If you are sitting on life changing profit,dont hesitate to sell !


This is actually an unpopular opinion at present in a bull run,just to be clear I am a firm believer in Crypto and strongly believe Crypto is not going anywhere.,

But give it a thought if you are sitting on life changing profits then don’t get carried away with all the memes and jokes.Memes are all good for fun but nobody knows better than you about your life and finances.Dont hesitate to sell even you are close to your target.You can always DCA back in,remember it goes up and down not only up.

None of us is waiting to buy Lambo with profits. We are small average people, our dreams are average just like us.If the money could buy you a nice house, pays off Student Loan,a nice family holiday and gives you a worry less rest of the life then don’t hesitate to take the profits.

TL:DR – Nobody knows shit about Fuck

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