Unpopular Opinion: I love Binance


Each time a Binance discussion starts its fk them, their shitty customer service, they are scammers, they list whatever shitcoin, etc etc… So here it goes a little love to them.

I got into Binance International 3 years ago and i can still use it in my country, i also got into BNB back then. I used their launchpool and launchpads and this alone already gave me back like 1/3 of my initial investment back. They started the ETH 2.0 staking program very fast in December 2020 and i also got in -Then i regret not waiting and get into BETH directly when it was 0.89- but still was really nice getting into it early since rewards have been good. They release good staking oportunities like BTC locked for 3 months at 7% apy…

I never had a problem with their site, i move funds in and out from BSC to farm over there when oportunities are great. I understand that sometimes they have issues going down when usage goes into max capacity as other exchanges suffer the same, i dont trade so i really dont care much about this but i understand that for a trader they must find the best platform to avoid this. Customer service i chatted once for the KYC issue and it was solved, it wasnt very fast but in the end it was solved.

We all love the money and to generate money, we are all in for it and Binance has been a great Money generator, so i love them for it. Im waiting for them to release their Visa card and then i will be hooked for longggg.

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