Unpopular Opinion: DOGE will not survive in the long term.


Doge started as being a good joke and a good marketing idea for a funny crypto. the truth is, like every joke that is repeated over and over again, with time, that joke stops being funny. That’s what it seems it happened to Doge, many people got rich with Doge, there is people that rather hodl more Doge than BTC which totally makes no sense.

Doge keeps being outpaced in terms of Market cap, first ADA, then DOT and now SOL have more Market cap. i am no longer investing in Doge not even with gambling money, many cryptos are out performing it.

It keeps losing value without Elon Musk mentioning it or tweeting it every week, it has no use in the world rather than being a funny meme. Unfortunately it will die in the long term.

Also keep in mind, Doge is a inflationary asset which makes no sense to hodl it in the long term.

I am not a Doge hater, i am just saying my opinion about it, if you have some arguments in favour of Doge being a good hodl for a long term i’d like to hear it

thanks for reading!

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