Unpopular Opinion: DOGE will never recover


We have billionaires claiming it will. We see articles come out which list BTC, ETH, and DOGE as the titular characters, as if these formed the holy trinity of the Crypto space. Despite the fact ADA has overtaken DOGE in market cap. I’ve never put more than a couple hundred USD in DOGE so I’m not personally invested, and the bag I had I traded off for ETH several months ago. That doesn’t mean I don’t keep an eye on it. I’m a studious and scholarly fellow. Morbid curiosity, you see.

Now, I’ve been watching it hover below 30 cents a pooch for weeks now. Interest is fading. The entire market is on a rampage, as previous ATHs cower in fear like a matador on hiring day. And yet DOGE loiters–hesitant, reticent. An inflationary asset with waning interest and zero real-world uses is destined one day to fail, my moon friends. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but some day soon. And I can say this with enough confidence so as not to require any DISCLAIMERS regarding whether this is financial advice. It is time to sell, friends. Swap these poor pooches for an asset with real world utility, solving real problems, propelling us into the future of finance. Or at least change to a store of value. Just not a joke. Not a song that will soon sing to the tune of a trillion in circulation, with 5 billion more being Xerox’d every year. This isn’t monopoly money. This isn’t USD. This is Crypto. Get it together.


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