Unpopular as heck: If this sub is shilling a coin and is super excited about it cause it has awesome tech, superb adoption, overwhelming community support, don’t buy it.


This sub is a circlejerk echo chamber that shills coins that end up going nowhere.

When LINK was $34 everyone and their mother was shilling LINK as the next big thing going to $200 before the end of summer, the amazing oracle that it is and how it will change everything we know in crypto. Current price: $25

Next one was ERGO which was shilled to no end with many saying that ERGO will be oracle of Cardano until it wasnt. It’ll go to three digits by end of year. Currently its $9.99 and down 32% from 30 days ago and 66% from ATH. Remember that everything is pumping now. I know its not just an oracle but I expected a lot more activity from it. And Cardano doesnt seem to care much for it..hopefully things change.

VET, the amazing and superb VET that will clean the oceans, track food, produce and so on. It’s been going sideways for so long that I dont even remember. It’s currently valued at $0.11 and keeps the price steadier than a stablecoin.

And LTO? Yeah, 70% down from the ATH a few months ago with no recovery in sight.

I listened and was hyped enough to buy these (apart from LTO) and I know I’ll get a lot of faeces thrown at me for posting this but this sub is a circlejerk echo chamber.

See you tomorrow guys.

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