Unless you read yesterday’s lotto numbers and sulk everyday for not picking them – don’t worry about coins that pumped without you


For the past year, the sentiment around memecoin holders has been ”I feel bad for them — pouring their life savings into this and will lose it all” but anyone still holding is likely into large profits on a few of them. They didn’t take your advice, they didn’t apply your logic and it worked out for them.

If you truly felt bad for them before, be happy that it worked out. If you’re upset for not doing what they did, that’s kinda silly.. coins pump everyday without us on board some of us just have a less chaotic strategy.

This isn’t unique to crypto, people invest their time, energy and money into risky things that pan out all the time. In life there will be daily choices you make and don’t make that land you more or less money — it’s just less measurable than it is in Crypto, you’re less aware of the exact decision and what the alternative would have gained you.

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