Unfriendly Reminder: if you want to take charge of being your own bank and taking care of your crypto assets, it’s completely your fault if you get scammed due to negligence and greed.


I know this is going to come across as hyper critical but every time I see someone post about how they got “scammed” out of their crypto because they were chasing greed and some impossible “pay me first and get back 5x your return!” I start fuming.

The crypto space has been around far long enough for people to do at least a minimum amount of research and learn the most basic steps at how to protect their investment from obvious scams and phishing.

But far too often when some holder gets “scammed” they immedietly turn around and blame the crypto space for being unregulated like a bank or a credit card.

This doesn’t just hurt the person or people that messed up bad, this hurts the reputation of the entire crypto space which is already having to battle big media for a spot at legitimacy. When in fact it was entirely the individuals fault to begin with.

You really think you can run around giving out your full credit info with your social security and address for a “free Ford F-150 through email” you got randomly sent?

Of course not. So why are people surprised when they give out the entirety of their private seed or login information for it to get wiped clean?

No you aren’t getting it back. And maybe you shouldn’t have had it to start with. If you choose to be that reckless with your own assets maybe you should just stick to the arbitrary monetary fiat system that we already know.

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