Two weeks ago I bought a shit ton of CRO, while drunk, cause of matt damon


About two weeks ago I was having a real shit day and went out with some old friends and got super drunk unexpectedly, I seen the news commercial with matt Damon in it and thought “what the heck “ I had some spare money from working overtime and bought a few thousand dollars of CRO in a very intoxicated state; who doesn’t like matt Damon I thought , this cannot be a bad plan!

Well I wake up the next day and check my bank statements to see the damage done from the night before , I get a huge oh shit moment when I see a large amount at not only the bar ; but from; uhh oh I thought right away.

I have a care free “fuck it” attitude so I just let it go to ; oh well it’s fine. Well that choice turned into a super nice gainer now and one of my best investments to date.

I checked a lot of the sell orders today and they were set to .40 , so I felt when it hits that threshold it will drop significantly ; I sold all my shares today at 200% of what I bought in for an will re buy when it dips after the sell orders .

Sometimes it’s just luck

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