Twitter is full of false traders



So lately I’ve come across loads of twitter accounts doing supposed 1k to 10k challenge or something similar. Some of these accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers.

All would be fine if ANY of them provided any actual evidence of their trading skills. As a “proof” they post an excel screenshot…. Some provide some screenshots from their “account” where you can often see 80% win rate or more… the website is called tradetracker and it is just a fancy excel sheet where you manually enter your trades xD

An example of “proof”

Ultimately after they gather thousands of followers they start a paid service via discord/telegram or w/e which then provides them with real income. I DM’d a couple of these accounts and ask them to send me a screenshot of their overall PnL before I joined their discord… NONE of them answered.

Whereas if you message them just for discord info they response within an hour or so xD.

I still have no idea how people fall for this.

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