Turkey and China Outlaw Crypto to Divert Attention from their Failing National Currencies


Turkeys President Erdogan has declared a “War on Crypto” while the turkish Lira is in literal free fall:

The current inflation rate is at a hot 20%

The Lira has lost 700% of its value compared to the (also inflating) US Dollar in the past years

This is catastrophic for a currency, what does Erdogan do? Shift attention to the “only used by criminals” Cryptos and declare a “War on Crypto”

The CCP has outlawed Crypto for the last 8 years every few months in a row:

China wants to make space for “Digital Yuan”, their own digital currency

Digital Yuan has included surveillance mechanisms

Not only that: the CCP has already blocked their people from buying certain (legal) things in the past using their control of Digital Yuan

Crypto is in the way of digital Yuan, a thorn in the eye of the CCP who wants full control of their citizens through digital Yuan

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