Tried to explain market cap to guys in the office talking about crypto – it did not go well


This week I saw some guys at the office staring at a graph that looked pretty familiar to me. They were looking at the year graph of shiba inu. One of them told the others he is going to invest €50 into shiba because if it goes to ‘even’ €0.01 he will turn it into €20k. I could not hold myself back so I stepped forward trying to explain to him that if shiba would go to 0.01 its market cap would be like $5T because the coin supply of Shiba inu is just so absurdly high and then there would be more money in crypto than there is in the entire world with stocks and everything. I also told him to check out the graph. You could clearly see a large spike in april/may and now a large spike again. In between nothing happened with Shiba at all. So I asked him what he thinks will happen to shiba this time. Obviously an equal drop as in May is way more likely than another pump. He just said well it’s only €50 if I lose it it’s fine but it could go to at least €20k. The crazy thing is he told me he already has an account on Kraken and is investing in Crypto. He just needs a new account at Coinbase because Kraken does not list Shiba. So this guy is already part of crypto and has no idea about Market cap, coin supply etc.

tl;dr we are still so early guys. Even some people invested in Crypto have zero knowledge about it

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