Too much talk today about the crash and El Salvador. Let’s talk about the first stupid purchase you’re going to make when crypto makes you rich.


Everyone talks about the goals they want to do with crypto and thy are usually wonderful, reasonable goals. Like most people, I want the ability to pay off my debt, retire from the standard 9-5 job (which I realize I’m lucky to even have) and be able to travel the world.

But what if our portfolios shoot through the roof to the point where we never have to work again, and you have enough money you can make a really stupid expensive purchase and it won’t be a big ding in your overall net worth? What are you going to buy that you never would unless you had a ridiculous amount of money?

For myself, I would have a home that has a basement entirely decked out like the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise – D. I’m a huge nerd and this would be amazing for me. I’d have the viewscreen set up to watch movies when we’re not traveling through the galaxy, and we can all knock back a few Romulan ales after a long day of crawling through the Jeffries Tubes.

Feel free to have your stupid purchase be something much cooler than mine 🙂

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