Tom Brady announces on Monday Night Football he’s giving a fan a Bitcoin


Anyone else just hear that?

Backstory: Yesterday Tom Brady threw his 600th career TD pass, an absolutely insane feat, and his receiver spaced out and gave the ball (one Brady would’ve liked to have kept) to a fan in the front row. The team got the ball back after some negotiating but today’s big topic in the sports debate space is whether the guy should have left the stadium with the ball and sold it for big money.

Anyways, that got brought up on the “Peyton & Eli” MNF broadcast—where Brady is a guest. Tom said “I’m giving him a Bitcoin too so he’s still getting a pretty decent deal.”

We all know Brady is in on crypto but idk, thought it was cool and makes me wonder if TB12 is even more of a believer than we realize—seeing an opportunity to insert Bitcoin into a topic people are talking about and taking it.

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