Todays Hopium! Crypto will see a big pump this weekend.


Crypto Market will witness a big pump this weekend. Following are my price predictions. These prices will be touched and then there might be small dump due to profit taking.

Bitcoin – 52K

Ethereum – 3,600

Ada – 3.1 USD +

Solana – 95 USD

Vet – 0.15 USD

XRP – 1.8 USD

XLM – 0.80 USD

BNB – 550 USD

Matic – 1.85 USD

DOT – 32 USD

Algo – 1.6 USD

Above prices are only my predictions and not a financial advice. Please dont put your life savings into crypto based on my stupid Predictions. Have a good pumping day ahead.

Edit : I understand everyone’s hatred against my predictions. But these are just predictions which I believe in. You can follow the prices. Pump has already started.

If the prices come close or matches my predictions, reply with ‘sorry’ on your hate comment. Dont send moons, I am not a moon farmer.

Reasons for this pump : 1. Cuba is about to legalize cryptocurrency. 2. Bitcoin ATM News is getting shared by the media. 3. Ex Reserve bank of India Governor said Cryptocurrency has a potential. (He’s a top guy and many indian investors believe in him)

Above news articles are just a few reasons for whales to jump back in, and thats what they will be doing over the next 3 days.

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