Today the fear Index is at 16 ‘extreme fear’ one month ago it was at ‘extreme greed’. And in one month we will back at extreme greed. That’s crypto.


The fear Index just slipped down further to 16 the lowest since September. It’s because investors are getting impatient waiting for a recovery to over 50k. But just one month ago it was at extreme greed as many were euphoric believing at a 100k BTC just this year and some even in just Nov.

That’s the cycle that always continues no matter what. I’m 100% sure in a month or so we will be back at extreme greed an everyone will forget this days where they calling a 20% drop a crypto winter.

Also 16 is pretty much the bottom last time in September it also bottomed at about the same range, that’s about as low as it can go no matter what so a jump back up is inevitable.

No one here should get scared or so just remember what goes down must also go up….

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