Today, my 10mo baby babbled something in the woods that my wife and I immediately and jokingly created a character for. Now i kinda want to see it come to life….hiring


We were hiking and my son said something that sounded like “ugg ma-ool”. It sounded like some kind of forest elemental avatar/elder god type creature. So my wife and I could not stop pretending like he was trying to summon “Ug-Maūl” (or is it “Ug-Maül”?). We joked that it was a humongous forest god with an elk-like head and maybe a pig snout. There was so much goddamn pine pollen flying around at the time, we also decided he was known to travel on the wings of a great pollen cloud, spreading his mystical pollen across the first floor that would, in short order, grow into his legion of miniature scions.

Any fantasy artists out there that want to take a crack at this that have a more illustrator, line-art style? Not exactly looking for digital painting and realism, but more of a stylized illustration/line art with some rudimentary coloring (can I say watercolor-esque without offending watercolor painters?)

Max $200 USD No real timeline, but maybe close to the end of June would be nice? I’ll pay 50% upfront after we agree on specifics and 50% when you deliver final product. I’d like to have the option to print it, so a decent size (we can agree on this later) And I want the psd file or whatever too, not just a pdf

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