Today I’ve started using Algo blockchain…


Today I found out about Algo swap called Tinyman ( r/Tinyman ) ,they have few youtube videos with tutorials how to use it, very simple , there I found few cool projects on Algo network.

Using Tinyman swap and Algo I had so much fun! Fees are so cheap, transactions are fast. What more could you want right?

I also found out about few subreddits ( r/Algonauts , r/algorandASA ), there you can find airdrops of new coins made on algorand network. Find about new projects and etc.

I also made some liquidity pools for some coins and know I am getting rewards, it is so simple and easy, I definetly recommend to try it out. With 10 bucks you can have a lot of fun and wallet full of coins.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Forgot to mention,you can check out for prices! And follow your new coins!

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