Today Ive just took my first profit from ETH, and I am so happy!


Today ive just took my first profits, by selling a small part of my ETH, and i have to say; this feels sooo good!

So when I first saw Crypto it immediately took my interest, I wanted to be a part of it no Mather how big my portfolio is, and today ive took 10 percent of my investment out, so i dont have tens of thousands of dollar on ETH but even taking the 10 percent profit feels so awesome, cause i know that i damn deserved it!

I have bought at the dip(s). I have kept myself calm when red dildos came, and most importantly I have tried to understand the system that I am investing more than every coin that i own!

And all of them paid of for me!

Now with that being said, I won’t going to take rest of my ETH till 10k!

To the moon, my friends!

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