Today is the day I sold


So I’ve been in this crypto sphere for some months now, and my investments turned into small profits. Nothing big, but pleasing enough to keep me going. Last week, one of my best friends for years called me and told me he was broke af, dude lost his small job (fuck covid) and was afraid he could not afford groceries or rent in weeks to come.

Dude doesn’t know shit about cryptos, never talked about it with him, since he’s not a “computer guy”. But I sold some of my ETH, and 5 days later I gave him a couple hundred bucks in fiat. It pains me to know that this crypto I sold could have been huge profits in years, that I will be taxed in this event but fuck, helping him was more important. I didn’t even considered talking to him about cryptos, even if that would be great. He just needed this and knowing him, he would not have understood the concept.

Morality is that we all dream of huge profits, lambos, houses, financial freedom. We all chase 1000x profits, gamble on dog shaped coins, but this technology helped me to help a close friend of mine.
Remember to stay safe, invest what you can afford to lose. We understood something that most of other people haven’t yet. I truly hope that everyone of you will achieve your goals in this crypto game


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