Today I paid of my student loan from almost 15 years ago, and it’s only thanks to crypto


Today I am officially loan free man! I paid the last few tenners that were hanging above my head for asswhooping 15 years.

As a single dad it was extremely hard for me to pay back this sum of money so I kept returning money periodically. Because of the gains that I got from my DCAing in crypto slowly, I was able to case out most of my stuff to pay the remaining 200 bucks of loan. Im a free now and it feels amazing. Im sad that I had to sell most of my coins but hey..I couldnt ever complain, I can only be grateful.

Funny how a random meme last year brought me here and slowly changed my life. In this short time I learned incredible amount of financial stuff, learned about tech and crypto in general. For the first time in my life Im grateful to a meme.

Now the next thing Im planning to do is farm more fiat and hopefully get a bit more child friendly apartment in a safer city for my kids.

Have a superb Sunday my lovely people and have a drink on me!

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