To those who wants to buy the Dip!


Just an important heads up.

JPOW is expected to announce this Wednesday, how quickly the fed might taper, and raise rates.

If the announcement is a faster tapper than expected, than expect a major dip in risky assets, so you might want to keep the cash until than if/when a major dip does happen!

A pivot is defined as a turn or a twist. Its safe to say there will be twists and turns on Wednesday as Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is widely expected to adopt a more hawkish stance in his postmeeting news conference Wednesday.

On display will be “the limits of Fed hawkishness,” said David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Funds. Central bankers are often described as either inflation-wary hawks, eager to tighten monetary policy, or more growth-focused doves.

“Fed members have displayed their dovish feathers too often at this stage for us to mistake them for a flock of hawks,” Kelly said.

It is widely assumed the Fed will double the pace at which it is tapering its bond purchases at the end of the December Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The Fed is also expected to pencil in more rate hikes over the next three years.

Beyond those important headlines, here’s a look at open-ended questions whose answers will be key for economists and investors to understand the Fed’s true colors when policy makers conclude their two-day meeting Wednesday.


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