To those that say they’ll never fall for a scam…


So yesterday I was watching CoinBureau and when that video ended I saw a YouTube live of Charles Hoskinson I decided to click it and was surprised to see it as a “event give away” there were roughly 3,000 people watching at the time. The border of the video had the different denominations of Ada you needed to send to be sent back double in return.

Send 1500 get back 3,000 Send 5,000 get back 10,000 Send… Send… Send 500,000 get back 1,000,000

What made it feel real, it was on YouTube live, Charles was talking (a familiar face in crypto), 3,000 other people were watching. Charles was talking about a recent topic. And YouTube suggested it.

But then I thought back on all those stories I read on r/cryptocurrency and started looking at it if it was a scam.

What made it look like a scam? Charles talking could be from any moment in time, there was no indication it was live beyond YouTube saying live. The denominations seemed absurdly high and what benefit would there be for Charles to send anyone crypto (Also sound like a wallet nightmare signing all those transactions)? The place you had to go was “Event Prize Give away” (nothing Cardano affiliated).

And then you think YouTube wouldn’t allow scammers to “steam live” and have that in their algorithms would they? And lastly does it sound too good to be true?

I never sent any Ada, don’t trust anyone, even Youtube and Charles. Always cover your own ass, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It was the first time I’ve seen a scam like this and was surprised it was being suggested as “Live” on YouTube of all things. And I can see how easy it would be to fall for it, especially if you were drinking or tired.

Oh and hot tip: don’t trade while drunk and tired.

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