To those of you screaming about Ethereum’s gas fees: L2’s exist. Use them.


It seems like Ethereum’s gas fees are a never-ending source of complaints. All I hear is that Ethereum is so expensive to use and a bunch of other bs…

LAYER 2 SOLUTIONS EXIST! All you need to do is use them! You have two options:

Use L2 Ethereum for a fraction of the cost and gain access to a huge array of dAPPS and smart contracts Move to some other chain that doesn’t have as many dAPPS on it

The choice is clear! Coins like ALGO are great, but until they have mass adoption they can’t hold a candle to Ethereum.

To anticipate a question: “but it’s expensive to get to those L2’s!” You need to start buying on an exchange that supports direct withdrawal to L2’s. Either way, it’s as simple as sending your ETH to an exchange and converting it to wETH.

Another question: “But those L2’s are still expensive!” I mean not really, but EIP-4488 has been proposed anyways to help lower their costs.

Use L2’s my friends, they’re the future!

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